Wood Table and Lamp

Mike has been working hard with the chainsaw, the dremel, the air tool and some basic woodworking chisels.

Here he is just starting to make this take shape.
What will it be?

There's staining and varnishing involved...

Those are some nice pieces of wood.

There it is!!!!
A really cool wood spirit or tiki guy end table.
And a big thanks to out neighbors, Debbie and Liz for donating that huge round piece of glass. Made it all come toghether.

Elby approves.....

And in the process of hauling these heavy pieces of wood in and trying to get thing set up, yeah we broke one of our favorite lamps.
Hmmm, I have an idea.
More, later.....

You know I couldn't go an entire post without a nature like pic....
The Great Horned Owls have been screeching like crazy out in the field behind our house, just out of reach.
I managed this shot, full zoom gone digital.
I hope they come closer soon.

Meanwhile, a trip to the liquor store and we found this just waiting to be thrown out.
Actually it's a really cool peice. It's the top of a beer bottle and it has a battery operated mechanism that twirls the cap on top.
Hm, I wonder what I can do with this.

Yes, it look like a bell to me so I broke out the bright red and attempted to paint it. You know, like a Christmas Bell.
Well, no the red isn't doing the coverage that I need, this'll take multiple coats.

Screw it! 
I went to the store and bought some bright silver spray paint. Went on like butter!
I need a clapper. I have a couple of gourds just laying around that are just about the right size.

I also need a bit of Christmassy decoration. I dug back into my rope twisting days and combined two colors of twine to make a nice green candy cane rope.

A couple of pine cones for effect...

Not too bad...
I can change this up before Christmas with maybe a bright red ribbon or whatever.
This'll do for now.


While no one was looking I made a paper mache lizard. It's the big blue one on top. I wasn't extremely happy with it, it's kinda crude so I shoved it into the top of the fake palm.

So here's the next bright idea. The broken lamp becomes another tree spirit guy.

We have two choices:
The one with "hat" (above)
Or this one?

Looks cool either way.

The set up...
The best part is that all of these pieces come apart and we can rearrange them to make different things as needed.

And the complete picture.
What do you think? 
I think it's AWESOME!!!
Lots of work here. Mike has outdone himself...

Comment below, please!

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