Creepy Crawlies

I knew I had another bug post just waiting. What's a better time for the Creepy Crawlies than Halloween.

Butterfly Love....
Well, not so creepy...

Green dragonfly just hanging out.

Here's the inspiration. This is a pretty cool looking caterpillar,

 I did some research... Those tiny white rice looking things are not part of the caterpillar. They are a parasite. This guy is some sort of hornworm and folks who like to garden do not like these on their maters. The "rice" will hatch into baby braconid wasps and kill the little fellar hence saving your tomatoes.

These guys were so photogenic that I went back the next day to look for some more. 

Luckily I found one on the same plant that had not been infected.

Now that's a good looking orange striped hornworm.

Oh, look at his little cat paws!!

And then I found these two bugs. He has his own Mini Me!

This is a spiny orb weaver. Yes, a spider with a shell. I think I accidentally destroyed  his web.

And what's up with a lady bug with no spots?

I'm happy about this shot.

And lastly a couple of unknowns, like two strangers meeting in the night.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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