Creepy Crawlies

I knew I had another bug post just waiting. What's a better time for the Creepy Crawlies than Halloween.

Butterfly Love....
Well, not so creepy...

Hot Flashes and Cool Weather

I feel terrific today! 

After so many restless, sleepless nights fighting with the hot flashes I think I have found what works for me. It's the Black Cohosh, suggested to me by many of my Facebook friends. I take one a day and although I sometimes have a flash or two, they are not nearly as often nor as intense.  

I got a lot of suggestions also about the use of Melatonin  and Sleepy Time Tea. Thanks to my friend next door, who kindly slipped some into my mailbox for me to try, I can say that neither are for me. 

I took the Melatonin for 4 nights straight. I couldn't tell that it did anything for me, good, bad, or indifferent. I also brewed up some of that Sleepy Time Tea. I've never been much of  hot tea drinker in the first place and this tea didn't change that. Although I've always enjoyed the smell of daisies and wildflowers on a warm summer evening just after a rain, I certainly don't want to drink it.

Anyway, on to the regular mix of nature like things....
The weather has cooled off a bunch and with it comes volunteer morning glories.