Time for Something New

The end of 2016 was a challenge but I'm the kinda person who looks forward to 2017.
Having said that let's move forward.

My last few posts were all not happy but there were a few moments to remember.
I got to get a bit closer to one of my cousins and her family.

 I also got to visit a childhood favorite and do some fishing at the River Bridge.

It was a nice, but short, break from all the troubles at hand.




And the elusive Saline River alligator log...

 Some fun over the Christmas holidays...

 I grew this giant flower plant, over 8 foot tall!!

 It's a marigold I'm pretty sure.

 Pretty butterfly

Some target practice.

 An interesting homemade target.


 We built a grilling station.

 At night, all lit up!

Some paint and stencil work.

And a short trip to Port Charlotte to the Peace River Wildlife Center.
This bird kept saying HELLO!


 Beautiful Owl

Sandhill Crane

 Crested Caracara
 Bald Eagle

Night Heron

 I soooo wanted to touch this girl.

 Mike next to the water.

 Ineteresting mailbox.
Looking forward to the new year and new change.