Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.... OH NOOOOOOOOOO!

 I had just sat down at my desk the other day, checking email and stuff when I heard a slight rustling under the desk. That's where I keep a small trash can and my recycled paper box. I just figured I had brushed up against one or the other with my leg. Out of the corner of my eye I see something moving... actually slithering. Yes, it was a snake, in my office, under my feet, just inches from my bare naked tootsies. I jumped up and squealed like a little girl!

 It was just your average racer. He's a lot like a garden snake, very harmless, actually helpful when it comes to pests, and sometimes quite cute. So, after I had calmed down from the shock (a million years of human instinct cannot be erased so easily, even with the knowledge that the little guy is harmless) I got out the broom. I managed to "herd" him out of the office but I couldn't get him to go out the front door. No, he slithered into the spare bedroom.

 No big deal, I'll just leave him be for now and wait for Mike to get home. He's really good at catching snakes and he enjoys it, too.

 We searched everywhere for that snake later that night. We couldn't find him anywhere. We looked in every room, under the furniture, in the bathtubs, underneath the piles of stuff where (if I were more domesticated) I should have already cleaned up... and gave up. But the little fellar was still on my mind. We have a very nice lizard, pretty good sized, who lives in that spare bedroom, I see him all the time. I didn't want to have name him "Lunch" and besides, I was sure I'd go to pick something up and that snake would pop up out of nowhere and give me the scare of my life... again.

I decided to do something about it. Yes, I decided to clean the spare bedroom. (GASP)

 For those very few of you who have seen my spare bedroom you know how much stuff I have crammed in there. This room is where I display all my mementos, all the keepsakes that I have hoarded all my life, things that my family or friends have made or gifted to Mike and me, and the walls are covered with family photos, not to mention about a thousand books. Mike and I both will wander into this room from time to time just to look around at all the pictures and stuff, and relive a moment or two, just because we miss our family. We don't get many visitors here to take advantage of this spare bedroom so... it tends to not get a lot of "domestic attention." With all the knickknacks in there, it is a cobweb, dusting nightmare. Time to go to work.

 Now I'm not known for keeping house. I'm certainly not known for my cleaning skills. BUT, when I do clean, I do it right! I pulled everything from off the shelves, brought in the shop vac, sucked up about a million tiny spiders and whatever it is they leave behind. There was bug and lizard detritus galore in all those hidden tiny spots, cobwebs, and just general dust. I cleaned, I mopped, I vacuumed, I scrubbed, I dusted, I washed windows and sheets and pillows and I even caught up on my photo albums and scrapbooks to boot. Mission accomplished!

 I never found the snake........

 Sooo, the room is clean and ready for visitors. Any takers????