At Least the Sun is Shining

 Glug, glug, glug....

We are under water!
It has rained constantly for the past week. I'm not talking about a nice shower, I'm talking about a constant deluge of water. Two days ago the sun came out and we weren't in too bad of shape. Later that night the rains came again, non-stop, all night long. 

Mike heard that we got almost 16 inches. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, so I dug out my boots and took a look around.

It's me Wellies!

So here is a picture of the new floating dock taken about a month ago when we first built it.

Here it is now. It's an uphill climb.

Let's see who's enjoying all this water.

Ibis hunting for tadpoles and frogs.

Lots and lots of dragonflies.

One of my hibiscus has really enjoyed the rains.

Oh, look at Dusty! She loves to get out and play.

She also loves to roll in the mud.

Time for a bath.

  Poor girl! She looks so skinny and pitiful.
  I call this mosquito heaven. You even get close to a bit of shade and you are eaten alive.

A nice pink bloom.

Lizards love to just hang out.

I think it's a zinnia.

Here's my sea grape plant.

Hard to tell but that is a snapping turtle chomping on some fresh grass.

And the bane of all existence, the fire ants are floating.

They just pile up on one another and ride it out.

Mike and Dusty playing in the water. Yes, this is before she got that dreaded bath.

That'll do for now.


  1. How I don't miss all that flooding. Looks like all the fill you guys added has paid off. It has been a monsoon here in Ft. Myers too this last 2 weeks and I was just telling Tony how you guys must be flooded out there!!

    1. I know, the flooding is a pain but there comes a point where you learn to just go with it and accept it for what it is and all that it has to offer. I love all the frogs and the birds and fish and the bugs that I don't normally get to see.
      You guys should pop out for a visit. Bring your boots!