Digging out the Pond - Updated!

We've been needing to do this since we first moved here and finally had the chance (and the money). We have HUGE piles of muddy, sloppy, dirt and clay all over the back yard. 

See all the mud that's churned up? I hope my fish survive. For now it's just good clean dirty fun!

Who doesn't love to watch these big machines in action?! Here's some video:

I don't know how deep this guy was able to dig but it's made a big difference. I went along the edge trying to see how deep it was without falling in. I fell in.

I managed to save two fish that got pulled out with the big scoop. I hope we don't find more buried under all that dirt. We did find two realty signs and a lawn chair in pretty good shape.

 It'll have to dry for a few weeks before we can get it  moved around. No more flooding!

----- UPDATE -----

We got all the dirt moved around and it makes a big difference.

Take a look at how My Backyard has changed over the years.

I caught a Wild Pig!

There I was just sitting at my desk, doing my normal clickety-click thing when out of the corner of my eye I see this black streak running through the yard. It was a wild pig, a little one, headed to the back of the property. Knowing that I'd most likely never get a chance to catch it, I gave chase anyway. 

This pig actually led me straight to another pig, a smaller one. This little guy had his head stuck in the hog wire fence. So, being very careful not to get bit, I managed to get him loose.

This pig was quite wiggly and I had no idea how to handle him. I tried to scruff him at the neck but there wasn't enough loose skin. I ended up grabbing him by the tail, like a rat.

I was excited and wanted to show Mike but he and Dusty were down the road taking a walk. The neighbor kids were out so I showed it to them and asked them to go get him. Meanwhile, the little fellar was squirming and wiggling around like a.... wild pig....and I was afraid he would get loose before Mike got back and had a chance to see him.

I ended up putting him in one of our big plastic trash cans to keep him from getting away until he and Dusty showed up.

In some of these pictures I know the pig looks dead but he was fine. We let him go out in the back of the field and you could see, he picked up the scent of the rest of his family and off he went. (Mike says it was a she.... whatever)

I love living in the country!

We made our own bamboo cane fishing poles

We started with a couple of really long dried pieces of bamboo and cut them to size. Then we trimmed off the extra branches as close as we could. (Sawzall recommended.)

Next, we soaked them overnight in the pond because they were really, really dry.

Next, we varnished them. I had some cherry stain left over. I also had cherry stain all over.....me.

Now to let them dry.

We tied on the string.

We secured the line with electrical tape every foot or so then wrapped it a few times around the end of the pole. That way you have a little "give" at the tip.

We added an eye hook at the base for a way to "hook" the hook. We rigged her up with hook and sinker.

Now it's time for some fishing!!!

Our bait of choice is Pup-Peroni. The fish love it and it's easy to keep. To be honest the first catch was a turtle. The pole just doesn't have enough "give". It's very sluggish and hard to feel the fish. But since I am an expert at tight line fishing, I did manage to pull out a nice tilapia. 

If we do this again I will choose a much thinner and greener piece of wood. 
Interesting project anyway.

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