Florida's Subtle Seasons

The rainy season has been in full force for a while. Just now, the last few days, we are coming close to being knee deep. Just the usual....

American Bittern

Closer up...

And a grackle with big eyes.

The subtle part? We don't see the fall changes that ya'll do up north. Our changes are more along the lines of the amount of frogs making noise at night, the birds feeding in the soaked and flooded areas and of course, lots of butterflies.

Bright Red

The butterflies are everywhere.

This one posed for me for a while.

Here's a different one that also posed for a while.

And where do all these betterflies come from?

Aw, look! He chewed out a heart shape for his sweetheart.

Mushrooms in the shady soaked soil.

A whole flock of ibis have been here all week.

The neighbors duck and ducklings. Look, there's one odd yellow one.

This has grown on my night blooming cereus. Looks like a seed pod?

Wild wood ducks.

Seymour, FEED ME!

And lastly, this is close up of a dew kissed volunteer morning glory.

The poor pond is just now seeping out its banks and we have water standing in the front yard. The rainy season has officially arrived.


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