Fun with Fronds and Other Things

 It all started more than a year ago when I ran across the idea of  making Christmas reindeer from palm fronds. I took it a step further than what tradion called for and painted them instead. I ended up with 7 reindeer and a Minion. Encouraged I made 2 more Minions to complete the trio and from there I added a snake, 3 elephants, and 7 Easter bunnies!


The obsession continues...
I tried to replicate the golden palms here.

And then I struck on the idea of birds.
A blue jay...

 A cardinal...

An owl and a woodpecker.

I finished off the birds with this pelican and moved on to fish.

Mikey likes them so he made hangers for them and put them on the walls.
Here's all the birds.

A couple of big fish made from the seed pods of a Royal palm.

And an assortment of funny fish!

I'm fully aware that that my painting is amteurish and rather cartoonish but I ain't no artist and I've learned to do with what I can do. Do a google search on painted fronds and you will see some really awesome art!

These have been lots of fun to make and I'm sure there will be more to come.


On to the animals and creepy crawlies!

Our yearly screech owls came late. I was worried about them. The second one took a looooong time to show up but...
After careful conideration I think they came early insted of late and this is not the mate but the actual fledgling.

Water Snake

Fluffy Hawk

Jeremiah the Bullfrog is back!

A lazy looking Softail turtle.

A pair of Sandhill Cranes took a stroll through the yard and around the pond.

A pair of tiger striped dragonflies.

A pair of Red Shouldered Hawks.

The crane walked carefully around the gator.

The Mockingbird is watching something very carefully.

Hm, this hawk is also watching something very carefully.

And then all hell breaks loose!!


Back to the crafty side.

 Mike made this bamboo mailbox for me.

Good job!

I made some extra hot hot hot sauce from the pepper plant.

I won a Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker.
(Actually I won two! I had one sent to Chris.)

And here at the very end is a Century plant. This guy had been uprooted and shoved halfway into the little pond last Christmas. He's hanging on by his roots but I think he's about to give up the ghost. Why?
Well, oddly, he shot up a mast with his last energies and it will flower in a month or so...


I know this was a long one but I have more coming soon: A trip tp Orlando.

We're camping and heading to SeaWorld!!
See you then.

Happy Easter (and some catching up)

I realize I  have severely neglected my blog. It occurs to me also that I tend to post the same things over and over and over again. Oh well, it is what it is, so...

A bit of Easter,
A bit of Spring,
A bit of Stuff,
And a bit of Things.

This was fun. Palm fronds are numerous and so is my urge to paint.

Thumpy Thumperton

Bugsy Blue

Flopsy Flopper

Mopsy Moper

And Ms. Cottontail


I have a tendancy to work in 3's...

1. Morning Glory

2. Marigold

3. Wild flower and a bug

A set of 3 Glories

Oops, more painted fronds. 3 Elepants doing the baby elephant walk.

1. Screech Owl

2. Bob White

3. Wood Stork


Some atmoshpere...

Sunny mornings...

And lastly a fun game that I won. I've been entering contests and sweepstates and April has been a very good month!

Yell at me if you want to know more, lol.

Pirate Cove (Yo Ho Ho)

Another new Pirate flag - Another new project.

 I went for a red flag this time to match the Bacardi Bat.

Here's the basic supplies for the new project - Pirate Cove.
Treasure chests filled with treasure.

We baked salt dough cookies and spray painted them bright gold!

I already had the two smaller "chests." I found the wooden one at the thrift shop for $2. A little stain and a little spray paint and they are Pirate ready.

  We have this nook in the front room. We redo it every so often with a theme of some sort. Today's inspiration came from some stobs of wood left over from my Century plant, some old liquor bottles (Yo ho ho) and the rest just fell into place.

Left chest

Middle chest

Right chest

And a color bumped heron.... just because I can...