Happy Easter (and some catching up)

I realize I  have severely neglected my blog. It occurs to me also that I tend to post the same things over and over and over again. Oh well, it is what it is, so...

A bit of Easter,
A bit of Spring,
A bit of Stuff,
And a bit of Things.

This was fun. Palm fronds are numerous and so is my urge to paint.

Thumpy Thumperton

Bugsy Blue

Flopsy Flopper

Mopsy Moper

And Ms. Cottontail


I have a tendancy to work in 3's...

1. Morning Glory

2. Marigold

3. Wild flower and a bug

A set of 3 Glories

Oops, more painted fronds. 3 Elepants doing the baby elephant walk.

1. Screech Owl

2. Bob White

3. Wood Stork


Some atmoshpere...

Sunny mornings...

And lastly a fun game that I won. I've been entering contests and sweepstates and April has been a very good month!

Yell at me if you want to know more, lol.

Pirate Cove (Yo Ho Ho)

Another new Pirate flag - Another new project.

 I went for a red flag this time to match the Bacardi Bat.

Here's the basic supplies for the new project - Pirate Cove.
Treasure chests filled with treasure.

We baked salt dough cookies and spray painted them bright gold!

I already had the two smaller "chests." I found the wooden one at the thrift shop for $2. A little stain and a little spray paint and they are Pirate ready.

  We have this nook in the front room. We redo it every so often with a theme of some sort. Today's inspiration came from some stobs of wood left over from my Century plant, some old liquor bottles (Yo ho ho) and the rest just fell into place.

Left chest

Middle chest

Right chest

And a color bumped heron.... just because I can...

Time for Something New

The end of 2016 was a challenge but I'm the kinda person who looks forward to 2017.
Having said that let's move forward.

My last few posts were all not happy but there were a few moments to remember.
I got to get a bit closer to one of my cousins and her family.

 I also got to visit a childhood favorite and do some fishing at the River Bridge.

It was a nice, but short, break from all the troubles at hand.




And the elusive Saline River alligator log...

 Some fun over the Christmas holidays...

 I grew this giant flower plant, over 8 foot tall!!

 It's a marigold I'm pretty sure.

 Pretty butterfly

Some target practice.

 An interesting homemade target.


 We built a grilling station.

 At night, all lit up!

Some paint and stencil work.

And a short trip to Port Charlotte to the Peace River Wildlife Center.
This bird kept saying HELLO!


 Beautiful Owl

Sandhill Crane

 Crested Caracara
 Bald Eagle

Night Heron

 I soooo wanted to touch this girl.

 Mike next to the water.

 Ineteresting mailbox.
Looking forward to the new year and new change.