Florida Chainsaw Massacre

It all started on Mike's birthday. He wanted a gas powered chain saw and I went to work to find one... cheap!

He sawed down this big old whispering pine, blew up the cheap chainsaw but we got another under warranty. 

Yup, he's up to something...

I hear the chainsaw going in the shop and I wonder what he's up to.
OMG, it's a wooden alligator!

Pretty cool. 

Finished but not complete. It'll need some stain.

Meanwhile Mike gets stung by this!
It's a saddleback caterpillar and look at those spines.

The rainy season is here and the dragonflies are everywhere in any color you can imagine.

The front yard is flooded and Dusty is in deep.

Water,water, everywhere...

Even the cows are sloshing through, but they enjoy the company of the egrets.

And the fish are busy playing checkers.

And here he is back at work in the shop.
What's he got going now??

OMG! It's a barracuda!

Here's the finished gator, hiding underwater at night.

Hell, that thing was heavy! It took both of us on the ladder to get it up there. It fell at one point and broke off the corner of the wall. Now we have to do some sheet rock repair.

Up close, I think he need a dragonfly friend.

Really, when he started on this he was going for a shark but it turned out more like a barracuda.
A happy mistake.

And lastly he roped together some of the leftover stobs to make this tree stand. 

Every project here was made from the trunk of the same tree. Only the very base is left over.
More to come, I think!

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