Rainy Season Blues

I'm reminded of cabin fever days back in Arkansas. The rainy season is hot, humid and the yard is flooded. Makes one not want to get out and about. Makes one want to lie in bed and daydream....

I have a mix of shots from the past week. #Lazy
Mike took this one for me.

I hate it when I plant lots of things that I have no idea what is what.
No wait, I love it when I plant things haphazardly and get a surprise like this.

Blue Heron in the sky....

The shadow from the bright sun.

They call this dollar weed when it's dry but...

When it floods they become lily pads.

We are drying up and the dragons are breeding everywhere.

Squeaky ducks take flight at dusk.

A lone heron flying about in the day.

This anhinga, always around.

I'll call her Annie...
Electric Annie!

The hawks were making a terrible racket all day.

My guess is that this little one had just fledged.

Daddy Hawk flying cover.

More of Mike's shots of the Hawk.

Sitting atop the bat pole.
Good shots, Mike!

Now Momma Hawk taking flight.

This is the exact same shadow blue heron from before, taken at the exact same time just from the other side, in the sun.

Pretty bird...

Proud Annie...
Dreamboat Annie...

Storms are brewing.

Although we are drying up we have several bog storms headed our way.

The backyard is looking good but we'll be flooded full again by next week.
Heavy clouds looming...

Honestly, Mike did a good job with the camera. This one straight from the camera, unedited.

So close, the Woody Woodpeckers are hard to capture.

And the Zinnia Twins, I'm happy with them, lots of them, all grown from seed!

Alllllrighty then...
 Back to craft projects and stuff.
I went waaaaaaay back into my bag of crafty tricks and created this paper mache' dragonfly.

We found a nice place for him above the wood gator.

Hold your horses!!! 
Mike's back in the shop and working hard on another chainsaw creation!
I wonder what he's up to this time.
Coming soon!!

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