Eddie Money in Concert

As you all know I don't get out much so it was great when I found out that Eddie Money was going to be at Six Bends Harley Davidson for a concert. Hm, I know somebody who can get me tickets! LOL!

It was a lot of fun. 

So as the sun went down we made our way into Top Rocker Field and found us a spot to set up our chairs and check out the surroundings. This was an event called Jazz on the Green but they didn't allow anyone to bring in any coolers or food or drinks. WTH do you think "on the green" means?

But it's alright, we managed. Here's Mike and some of his friends from work.

They had 3 other jazz bands playing while we were schmoozing around and before long the real concert began.

They threw out t-shirts to start the show. I made a diving catch... awesome... but it was only a BobFM shirt not one from Eddie Money.  :-(

Eddie was only on for about an hour and 15 minutes but he put on a great show. He played all the hits and more.

He's quite the character!

Hey, Mike!

Blowing the sax.

The end of the show...

Afterwards they set up a tent and Eddie came out and signed those high dollar T-shirts.

We casually sat not 5 feet from him and watched. At one point Eddie looked up at me and said, "Hey, baby."  AWESOME!

Time to call it a night. I hope 6 Bends has more concerts like this.

I've found it very hard to take decent video of a rock concert when you are 3 people back from the stage and being jostled around. Well, not to mention I was busy bouncing around myself. Anyway here's some clips from my video. Warning, it sucks and the audio is horrible.

I Heart Little Rock

I got the call that my mother was headed to the Heart Hospital in Little Rock so since I hadn't been home in a long time I figured it was about time. Last minute trips are expensive and no fun at all but I bought my plane tickets, rented a car, packed my bags and took off.

Now I'm not going to get into Mom's condition and illness here, just know that she's alright now and in good hands. I spent almost a full week with her in the hospital and when it got to be a little too much I grabbed my camera and headed out to take a few pics.

It was COLD!!! And this Florida girl was not happy. I went out early one morning to try and snap a few pictures nearby. There's not a lot of content in the middle of Little Rock but I did my best to try to find something interesting to look at.

Here's the heli-pad, early morning.

LOL, I'm trying to find the humor here, guys!

Interesting shot... beautiful, yet stark.

Ah, the money shot. 

The wall...

Finally Mom was released. I said good bye to my little chair bed and started the long trip back home.

Home AGAIN. 
Red Ear has grown a funky hair-do.

Back to my flowers...

And  back to my palm trees and warm weather. I really missed this.
It's good to be home.