Birds and Chips

I'm getting back to my roots, taking pictures of birds on the feeder. We dumped out a bunch of old bread and stale chips. I'll start with a short series I call "Birds and Chips."

 Cardinal and Chips....

Woodpecker and Chips...

 Blue Jay and Chips...

Grackle getting away with a Chip...

Another of the Cardinal.

And the Woodpecker.


 Now for some random nature like shots.

 Mother In Law tongue tips.

Tiny pinkies.


 And now let's go for a Journey: Inside the Cosmos!

Deeper into the unknown Cosmos.

 There's a whole other world deep inside the Cosmos!


 Leaf veins...

This Mocking Bird likes to pose for me atop the flag pole.

 I call this "Mock and a Rock."

And lastly, here is a Grackle with some very yellow, intense eyes.

I hope you have enjoyed today's "My Backyard" post. 
Coming soon, 2 new projects:

ANOTHER rock wall and flower garden
Building a Floating Dock.

Stay tuned!

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