Digging out the Pond - Updated!

We've been needing to do this since we first moved here and finally had the chance (and the money). We have HUGE piles of muddy, sloppy, dirt and clay all over the back yard. 

See all the mud that's churned up? I hope my fish survive. For now it's just good clean dirty fun!

Who doesn't love to watch these big machines in action?! Here's some video:

I don't know how deep this guy was able to dig but it's made a big difference. I went along the edge trying to see how deep it was without falling in. I fell in.

I managed to save two fish that got pulled out with the big scoop. I hope we don't find more buried under all that dirt. We did find two realty signs and a lawn chair in pretty good shape.

 It'll have to dry for a few weeks before we can get it  moved around. No more flooding!

----- UPDATE -----

We got all the dirt moved around and it makes a big difference.

Take a look at how My Backyard has changed over the years.

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