Time for Something New

The end of 2016 was a challenge but I'm the kinda person who looks forward to 2017.
Having said that let's move forward.

My last few posts were all not happy but there were a few moments to remember.
I got to get a bit closer to one of my cousins and her family.

 I also got to visit a childhood favorite and do some fishing at the River Bridge.

It was a nice, but short, break from all the troubles at hand.




And the elusive Saline River alligator log...

 Some fun over the Christmas holidays...

 I grew this giant flower plant, over 8 foot tall!!

 It's a marigold I'm pretty sure.

 Pretty butterfly

Some target practice.

 An interesting homemade target.


 We built a grilling station.

 At night, all lit up!

Some paint and stencil work.

And a short trip to Port Charlotte to the Peace River Wildlife Center.
This bird kept saying HELLO!


 Beautiful Owl

Sandhill Crane

 Crested Caracara
 Bald Eagle

Night Heron

 I soooo wanted to touch this girl.

 Mike next to the water.

 Ineteresting mailbox.
Looking forward to the new year and new change.


  1. Awesome pics! I really enjoyed you and "the kid" staying with us! The last couple of months of '16 were rough on us for sure. I'm glad of the good that has come out of our losses-we'll always have each other! And no matter what anybody says, we can sing Silent Night any time of the year! Love you to the moon and back!