Pirate Cove (Yo Ho Ho)

Another new Pirate flag - Another new project.

 I went for a red flag this time to match the Bacardi Bat.

Here's the basic supplies for the new project - Pirate Cove.
Treasure chests filled with treasure.

We baked salt dough cookies and spray painted them bright gold!

I already had the two smaller "chests." I found the wooden one at the thrift shop for $2. A little stain and a little spray paint and they are Pirate ready.

  We have this nook in the front room. We redo it every so often with a theme of some sort. Today's inspiration came from some stobs of wood left over from my Century plant, some old liquor bottles (Yo ho ho) and the rest just fell into place.

Left chest

Middle chest

Right chest

And a color bumped heron.... just because I can...

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