Wild Things

Wild Thing... You make my heart sing!

I've been informed it's a thistle. 
It sure is pretty for something that grows wild out of a cow patty.

Field of dreams...
Field of wildflowers....

These guys are a little loopy.

The ever elusive shot of a bee standing still, on a wildflower.

This is my night blooming cereus that decided to open up during the day. 

I had hoped to catch the above night blooming cereus fully open at night. Nope, closed up tight, but I did find this spider. 
Look closely, he has a spooky face on  his back.

Our snapping turtle making his way around the back fence. 
He's big and I don't mess with him.

I have a small patch of wild blackberries that are starting to bloom.

There's my owl again, sticking his head out during the day.

Another unknown wild weed (not the wacky kind) growing. 
I love that purple color.

Not so much wild as a volunteer.

We have patches of wild lantana around the property, too. 

And speaking of wild things, I think one of these Sandhill Cranes is trying to entice the other into doing the wild thing.

Oh, I think she likes it!

I do wonder where their nest is. 
I would love to get some pictures of the eggs.

So I picked me some wild flowers....

Now off to enjoy this warm Florida weather!

(You make EVERYTHING.... groovy!)

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