Monster in my Shit Tea

Okay, lol, the title was there just to get you to look, but yeah, read on. There's a monster in my Shit Tea, really!

It's time to get the gardens going and the yards back into shape. 

Since we trim and prune all year here we always have a burn pile ready to go.
 Light her up!

I tried for a while to get a shot of the flames. Thought it would be cool. Instead I ended up with something else maybe more interesting, the vapor made an interesting effect. 

Another close up of a wild volunteer.

I was taking pictures of the fish on the pond and saw this lonely leaf, floating around. 
Loaded it up in my photo editor and played with the color. 
I'll stick that in the wallpaper file.

I'm a little worried here. One lone crane, what happened to his mate? I'm hoping that they have already laid their eggs and are taking turns on the nest... instead of something else.


It's nice to see a red wing black bird. We used to have flocks of them.
This must be a female.

I'm attempting to grow a few vegetables this year. I've got 3 tomato plants and some lettuce from seed, all in containers. I have really, really bad luck with vegetables but Mike says this one has grown.

I planted them with some good black soil but it's still a bit sandy. I need some fertilizer. So I made my own. (You know me, why buy it when you can make it yourself  out of stuff you already have?) This is called Shit Tea. Pretty simple, panty hose, cow patty, and a bucket of water.

Look who's been hanging out in my fertilizer bucket.

That's one colorful frog. 

There's a crazy one eyed monster in my Shit Tea bucket, too! Lol!

Yeah, the owl again. He's been hanging out quite a bit during the day.
He looks sleepy, those kids keeping him up all night.

And Dusty treed a possum for us...

Some more wild flowers, I must be obsessed.


The yard looks nice. 
Arrrrrr, matey!!

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