Spring Things

It's officially spring now, although in Florida we just call it Thursday. 
How do I know it's spring? Just look at all the spring things...

Here he is. Every March he shows up in this bole high up in a pine tree. He sits out during the day and waits for his mate to arrive. Then they disappear for a while. (ahem: bow chicka bow bow!) and we never see them again unless we spotlight them at night.

Here's the neighbor's tree. This one just screams spring.

I've seen lot and lots of snakes lately, too. This is a Florida water snake. He looks like a rattle-headed-copper-monster but he's not. He has round eyes, not those evil looking slits on a viper.

Yes, little yellow birds everywhere doing the spring thing.

Hibiscus still blooming...


And this was one fat healthy snake, so you know he's been eating well. 

These are the seeds from a willow oak tree. Odd, aren't they?

An interesting pattern on a tree.

Every year about this time they open a new route to the airport, or they just start re-routing the regular flights. The big airplanes will practically buzz over the house, low. This one says airberlin.com. I'm thinking he was re-routed a little too far.

Dusty and I did a little bit of fishing today, too. There are bass all over the pond. 

This is what I caught him with. I measured him at about 10 inches... the fish, not the lure.

This is an interesting prickly plant that has grown out of all that swampy muddy dirt we had brought in. 

Here's a little closer view of his flower.

And speaking of spring and flowers, this is a volunteer. I think it's a lily? Anybody know for sure?

At one time I tried to dig these guys up and transplant the bulbs, but I wasn't successful. I think they only come up every 2 years.

I now have an update on this flower. It turns out it is an iris after all. I've had an expert tell me it's called a Louisiana Iris. Perfect!

Have a nice Spring everyone!

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