Muddled Mix from My Backyard

This is a collection of photos I have taken over the last month or so. For those of you who know me personally, you know that I have been through some serious dental work, with more to come. Because of the drugs that I've been prescribed (and the pain and the fear and the stress, not to mention the side effects) I have been a complete basket case. The end result is that I just can't think straight anymore so I will try not to comment too much on these pictures. I will most likely get it wrong, I'm just happy that I'm feeling better and am able to at least figure out how to get these uploaded and posted. Yay!

What could this be? Is it some rare tropical flower? Nope, it's a baby pinecone!

I like this one. Mike pulled this turtle out of the pond and held him up for me. More on this guy later.

I truly wish this had better focus but I still think it's an interesting picture.

Gnat catcher, that's all I can remember.

You go about taking pictures of pretty flowers and you end up with a bug!

These two are close-ups of a butterfly wing I found.

So here is the same turtle from above. He's not moving. In fact he has been in about the same spot for over a week now. I've picked him up and he is still alive but I'm afraid he is dying. I'll check on him again later today.

I've been sitting on the dock, feeding the fish, trying to get good shots. Hard to do, they splash a lot.

Pink Begonia.

Blue, I forget what...

Robin, they don't like to come too close so I have to take every advantage of the zoom.

A couple of the tilapia in the pond. I've seen lots of little bass, too. The pictures are lousy though. 

And a nice pretty volunteer something or the other.

There was more pictures here than I thought. This is certainly not my best work but I think there are a few gems up there anyway. It'll do!

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