Download your own Facebook LookBack Video

FaceBook has put together a LookBack video taken from your timeline. Some have just seen it come up on their wall and were able to share it from there. This is for the others who have not and are having trouble getting it to their timeline.

This will probably only work on a computer. If someone can get it to work on a phone, let me know.

I am using Chrome.

1. You are going to need some code from another website.

A. Click on the following link:

B. Highlight all the text.

C. Right click on this text and press copy.

D. This code is now on your clipboard waiting for you to copy it somewhere else.

E. You can close that window, now.

2. Now we go to your LookBack Video. It should self generate.

A. Click here:

B. Press Ctrl+Shift+J (all at the same time) to open the Java console.

C. This should take up half your screen (it may even pop up in a new window). Click anywhere in the blank space.

D. Press CTRL+V. (That's keyboard speak for Paste.) That text will be pasted into the console.

E. Press Enter.

3. Now to get the link of your LookBack video.

A. You will see a greyish area with a long URL in the console. It'll start with the usual Http and so on. Click on it.

B. It should open up your video in a new window.

C. Press Ctrl+S. (That's keyboard speak for Save.)

D. Now you can save it to your hard drive. I recommend to just save it to the desktop; It's easier to find or delete or move it somewhere else.

4. Now it's on your hard drive, just upload it to FaceBook in the usual way!

I give full credit to the video posted here:

I only re-wrote the instructions as best I could. Thank you, whomsoever you are.

(Please give me some feedback, whether it worked or not!)

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