Dirty Birds

I think we spend more money on dirt than anything else.

We brought in 20 more loads. 17 went to the front, 2 went to a low spot in the  back and the last was a beautiful pile of dark brown earth for the garden. (I don't actually have a garden... yet.)

This is clay and when it's wet it is sticky.

But it spreads out nicely and this will be great when we can get some grass growing on it.

We had a couple of palm trees that were about to walk away from their planters. Time to transplant them to a better spot.

And now for some flowers.

I knew what kind of bush this was at one time.

Close up of a Vinca.

Another unknown...


I know this one! It's called Moses in the Cradle or Moses in a Boat.

Unknown and Pretty!

Three Blackbirds on a wire.

The snowbirds have arrived. And with them, dark gloomy cold weather. 

These are Cedar Waxwings. They are hard to see high up in a tree but you can hear them, a whistling noise.

I haven't seen the sun in a while.

So instead we will play with the clouds.

I am not a leaf!

Cool bug!

I call them drooping bells.

And a volunteer in one of my planters.

Nice, much more land to play with.

Stay warm!

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