Chris and Stephanie come to Florida

A couple months back Chris called to let us know that he and Steph were coming to visit. I didn't believe him, he's said that before. A few weeks later airline confirmations started showing up in my email. Wow, I thought, this was really going to happen!

It's been over a year since I had seen him, longer even for Mike so we were VERY excited. I started cleaning and preparing and making plans until I had absolutely exhausted myself. (Well, the house needed it anyway.) Sure enough, they showed up at my front door for a full week of fun and shenanigans!

They arrived late on a Sunday night but we didn't waste any time having fun.

There was alcohol involved.

Bad pic of me, I look exhausted but Mike is in fine form!

Chris and Steph really enjoyed fishing our pond. Catch and release only. They did pull a few turtles up but were able to get them off the hook without hurting them.

Chris likes to fish, a LOT! We made plans and rented a boat to do some saltwater fishing.

The weather was frightful, at least for SW Florida. Click below to see the full fishing trip.

Click here to see our Saltwater Fishing Trip

Give the kid a handful of chalk and this is what he comes up with. At 29 he's still a kid.

So here is what really made this visit super special. Thanksgiving Day, I actually get to eat vegetables. My 50th birthday also just happened to fall on Thanksgiving this year. I'm truly not happy about this birthday so it was great to have them  here as a distraction. Also I'm pretty sure we will not see each other for Christmas this year so, what the hell. Let's just do all in one day! Click below to see the very first ThankBirthMas celebration. 

Click here to see the big event: ThankBirthMas

We even spent most of a day doing some river fishing. They happened to be here on a free freshwater fishing  day so we bought some worms and headed to the river.

Not a whole lot of luck here. Right away I caught a good sized perch and later a little sun fish. Mike won the day by snagging us 3 pond sized catfish. (Hmmm, I have a pond!)

Did I say Chris likes to fish. He and Steph pulled out quite a few big tilapia from the pond.

Dusty absolutely loves to help.

She stayed right at Chris' side the whole time, just waiting. She gets very excited every time he casts. Chris had to spend some time training her to sit quietly while he was fishing. 

Here's one thing I asked that we do. Click below to see out trip to the Dog Beach on Lover's Key.

Click here to see our day at the Dog Beach on Lover's Key

Chris is playing ball again in a Men's baseball league in Kansas City. He brought 2 gloves and a ball with him so we could play catch.

This brings back some memories.

We didn't get any pics of Chris and I playing catch but Steph and I threw a few, too.

We'll make a ball player out of her yet.

It was a long busy week for all of us. I'm flat exhausted, Dusty is, too.

We had a....... Good Time!

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