Chris and Steph at the Dog Beach

As we were making plans for Chris and Steph's visit I informed them that I only wanted to do 2 things for sure. One was to decorate the Christmas tree... check! The other was to go to the dog beach on Lover's Key. Unfortunately, Mike had to go to work that day.

The Gulf is cold this time of year but the weather really warmed up and we enjoyed a bit of sunshine.

This big dog snuck up on Dusty. Overall though she had a great time romping around with the other dogs.

We were lucky to go at low tide. Nice view.

The backwaters are a bit warmer.

Dusty Kitty

Me and Steph

Steph throwing the ball.

Dusty is pretty good about bringing it right back. There are about 12 million abandoned tennis balls lying around. Somehow these dogs know which one is theirs. 

Chris really didn't want to wade in the cold water.

Toes in the sand.

Chris, our wildlife eagle eye, spotted this crab trying to make a getaway.

We didn't stay but for a couple hours, just long enough to get our feet wet, witness a dog fight, and give Dusty some exercise. A good day...

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