Otters in the Pond

About two months ago was when we first saw the otters in the pond. There were two of them, male and female. I know I posted it to FaceBook but I guess I never posted it here.

There's only one now. There are people in these parts who don't care for the otters because they can clear a pond of fish in no time. We heard rumor that one of our neighbors had shot one of them. I guess he was afraid they would eat his ducks. Whatever. I'm assuming it was the smaller female that he killed and that this is the male.

Dusty had got a hold of him once and the poor guy was just trying to get away. We figured that would be the last we ever saw of him. So, we hadn't seen him for a few weeks and thought he was long gone, until today.

He would pose for a while, and then shoot underwater to find a more private spot. We can follow where he goes underwater because he leaves a trail of bubbles in his wake.

Awwww, he makes a pretty kitty.

Also, here's a regular to our pond. His name is Red Ear.

Click on the pictures to get a better view.

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