Cleaning is over-rated - UPDATED!

As an example, Mike woke me up early the other morning. He couldn't find his keys. I hauled  myself out of bed and started to search; laundry, couch, refrigerator, all the usual places, nothing to be found. And then I remember! He was busy cleaning the other day, dusting away the cobwebs up high and in all the corners. He had managed to knock off this big pirates head we have on the wall.

Smash! Boom! Bang! It fell, hit the counter, bounced off the trash can, and hit the floor. On the counter is also where we keep a nice ceramic plate that holds all the keys, change, and whatever else stuff comes out of Mike's pockets at the end of the day. Amazingly, not a scratch on any of it.

Now back to the rude awakening and the missing keys. Sure enough, after digging a bit, there were his keys in the trash. I gave them to him, sent him on his way, and went back to bed.

And so about four days later, he casually mentions that he is missing his Harley Davidson ring. Now this is a nice ring that I bought for him years ago in Vegas after I had won a good chunk of moolah. Sentimental value, for sure. Back to the trash, and low and behold, after digging through all kinds of disgusting detritus, I find his ring!

The moral to the story is: Cleaning is HIGHLY over-rated. You never know where things will end up. Now, before trash day, we have to go through the whole trash can to see what else is missing.


Sooooooo, about two weeks later Mike casually mentions to me that he is missing his HD ring again..... yes, the same exact highly sentimental ring that we just dug out of the trash a few weeks before..... (you know where this is headed...)

I'm on my way out to get the mail... and the trash can left out for pick up the night before. I notice that something got into the trash during the night and there is garbage all over. I dutifully start cleaning up the mess, coffee grinds, dead paper towels, stinky left over food and.....

there laying on the ground as pretty as you please is Mike's Harley Davidson ring. Unbelievable!

Mike is one lucky SOB!

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