We Made Florida Christmas Reindeers from Palm Fronds

Another paint project. When will I run out of paint?!

And before we get started I thought I'd add some of my usual nature like pictures. I haven't done that in a while.

On to the project...
Here are the palm fronds that I gathered. Some had been sitting awhile and were muddy and bug infested. So I scrubbed them and sprayed them with bug spray and laid them out to dry.
Notice that one is a little different than the others. Hm, what shall I make with that one?

Here they are all painted up.

And here is the family all laid out after I glued on the embellishments. 

Your traditional Florida Reindeer is usually made with a plain palm frond, wiggly eyes, a pom-pom nose and maybe a bright ribbon for effect.

I didn't have those things so I used what I did have. I hand painted the eyes and used various different things for noses.

Some were quite brittle so I had to be careful but it was a lot of fun trying to make each one a little different.

I shall call her Snowflake.

Break for another nature picture...

Meanwhile Mike was busy with his own project: a Tiki Guy Totem Pole Thingy.
He really did a good job with this using fronds and tying them to an old dead tree stob we had laying around.

Green Tiki Guy

Yellow Tiki Guy

Blue Tiki Guy

A few more of my creations...
The Bride

The Groom

And a Baby!

Okay here's that odd frond I told you about earlier. 
The Minion!

I also baked a cake for the upcoming holiday.
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Here's the whole family in a row with Dusty doing a photo bomb in the background.

Here's Mike's Tiki Guy Totem Pole planted along the driveway.


I hope you have enjoyed this!
Comments are always welcome.

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