Kansas City 2015

 I finally made plans to go to Kansas City again to see Chris and Steph. I hadn't seen them in over a year. I made the trip a little shorter than I wanted but the price was right.

First day there we went to the Renaissance Faire. I'd never been to one before. We got to see the knights jousting and all kinds of stage acts like magicians and jugglers and we were yelled at by various people dressed up in old time outfits with bad accents. Chris and Steph did knife throwing and we all did the archery. An interesting experience. 

It was hotter than hell and on top of the never ending hot flashes, I like to have died. I've been having heel pain from weak arches and I was really worried how long I would last. Thank goodness I had found some really good inserts. What a difference!

Next evening we had reservations to do the Escape Room thing. We went to one called BreakOutKC with some of their friends (meeting new people is fun) and did the casino room.

Last year I had given Chris my old camera and he has shown serious interest in photography. He does wildlife just like me so we decided to have the First Annual Mother/Son Photoff! We agreed on some basic rules, grabbed our cameras and headed off to Loose Park.

Beautiful rose gardens... here's Chris getting some shots in.

Next we went to the Lakeside Nature Center for more photo opportunities. They have a huge cage with some pretty neat birds being re-habbed on display. Look, it's an actual kite on the ground. I've always wanted to see one at rest.

Bald Eagle = Money shot.

Chris and I will soon be posting all the pictures we took for the contest and we are going to have all of our friends vote on their favorites. (I've already seen his pics... I'm screwed!) So there will be more later on that.

Here's the link to the Photoff

Lastly one of the main reasons for my trip is to watch some Knights baseball. Chris had taken a batted ball to the chest just a few weeks before and hadn't played since. We went out the day before and threw some balls so he could tell whether he was ready to get back on the mound or not.

Low and behold he pitched all 7 innings! Go Knights!
(They lost, not the point...)

The trip was really a day too short but I'm still glad to be back home.

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