2015 Mother/Son Photoff Results

Last year I had upgraded my camera to a newer better slicker model and I gave my son Chris the old one. He took to taking nature pics just like me and I was very happy to see the results. He took these 2 pics on a recent trip to Chicago and, wow, was I impressed. He's already out-doing me!
So in the vein of pure fun and friendly familiar competition, we decided to create the Mother/Son Photoff.

We agreed on several different categories and a few basic rules. The only editing tools we could use were your basic auto correct and, of course, the all important crop.

On my recent trip to KC we broke out our cameras and Chris and I went to Loose Park and also the Lakeside Nature Center. One is a beautiful landscaped park with rose gardens and the other is a beaten muddy path down in a small wooded valley area.


The Results

After I got back home I edited out my shots and sent them to Chris who paired them up into categories. We then posted them to the Facebook so our friends could vote on their favorites from each category, not knowing whose was whose.

 Debbie - 20              Chris - 10
Birds - One of my specialties but Chris has obviously had experience here, too. (See first pic above.)


           Chris - 12             Debbie - 17    
                       I think Chris should won this one. He got points taken away because folks refused to vote for spiders. lol

                        Chris - 21                   Debbie - 8                    
An odd category set up because we had two interesting pictures with nowhere to go. Chris has an excellent pic of a frog and mine was an opportunistic lucky shot as a train raced by.


 Debbie - 16                 Chris - 13
As Chris followed the railroad tracks I came upon this pipe that was 20 some feet up in the air. I walked the whole thing to the end and then climbed back down into the valley.


           Chris -  12                   Debbie - 17 
                    I think Chris should have won this one also. His is very striking close up.     


                                  Chris - 15                Debbie - 12
We had the most fun with these 2 critters. 


Debbie - 18                Chris - 6
And this is the one picture of Chris' that I was positive would blow me out of the water. I saw this one straight from the camera and was amazed. Unfortunately, I believe the impact was lessened when he cropped it too tight. Rookie mistake. 


Here's Chris on the railroad tracks attempting a close shot of a bug. I said the kid was talented, I never said he was bright.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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