Spring at Low Roller Acres

We have been busy busy busy with some home improvement projects and I finally realized I hadn't put up a post in a while.

So here are some random shots of stuff here at Low Roller Acres

My night blooming cereus out in full daylight.

You know I have to include pictures of birds.

She's pretty...

Blue Jay...

Not sure, any guesses?

Boat tailed grackle...

Hm, something left a long slithering track in the mud.

Could it be this guy?
Nope, too small...

Yup, I bet this is the culprit.

He's looking at me looking at him.

Green looks like he's impaled himself on the tip of a mother-in-law's tongue.

Ibis high up in a pine tree.

And lastly, a dung beetle, rolling up a ball of....

Next up, when we get everything done, some bright, bright paint and a few new home improvements.

See ya'll then!

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