Vultures and the Crested Caracara

We get lots of vultures here at Low Roller Acres. They are some ugly birds and they come in several different varieties. We got your black vultures and your turkey vultures and some that are mix of something in between.

Vultures can look really mean, too but mostly they'll just fly away if you get too close.

This is what we call the "stand." It's where we put all our kitchen scraps. We put it up on stand so that the dog can't get to it. Some of the stuff is pretty raunchy by the time it goes out and we don't want Dusty into it. Thus, at times, we have a pack of vultures fly in to dine.

This is the Crested Caracara. We don't see these guys near as often.

Very pretty bird, for a scavenger...

The Caracaras are not as shy as the black and turkey vultures. 

He's ignoring me. I snuck up on him to get a close shot. He knows I'm there.

Birds, in general, like to stand on posts.

I wonder what that bump is on his chest.

Just casually walking away...

The vultures like to stand on the flagpole and give you funny looks.

I've decided this is a she and she's not TOO ugly.

She's just hungry, but it's all been eaten.

Oh my, this fellar is UGLY!

And just to break it up a bit, I spotted this hawk way up in a pine tree.

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