Sunrise in Labelle

I am not a morning person at all so I miss opportunities like this all the time.

A few pictures of the sunrise looking across the field.

This is either a wasp  or a dirt dobber, enjoying a candle flower.

The mushrooms have come up all over.

This blue is now my favorite color.

Another reason to rise early. The night blooming cereus are going crazy and I always miss them.

Yes, I think I've become obsessed with the mushrooms.

It looks like elephant skin. Nope, it's just a close-up of the top of one of the shrooms.

 I need gnomes and fairies to make this picture complete.

Elby is growing FAST!

She and Dusty play a lot now. Looks like Dusty has her pinned.

Nope, Elby makes her getaway!
Love to watch these two play.

And today is Mike's Birthday. We have rented a small boat out of Fort Myers Beach and we will try our hand at some more saltwater fishing tomorrow. I have even made some homemade fish bait. I'm sure I'll have pictures and a new post about our trip soon. So for now...


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