Back to Nature

It's time, back to nature and back to nature photography.

This is an Anhinga. He will dive under the water and hunt fish for up to 5 minutes.

He'll swim, but all you will see is this long flexi-neck sticking up out of the water, snaking along like an inchworm.

Bat Wings!

A very unusual "flower" popped up. After much research I have discovered it is the "fruit" of an arrowhead plant. Yes, this is the same arrowhead plant that a lot of folks grow indoors. They rarely get this big but since mine is outside it has had time and room to fully mature.

Bright Blue Dragon

Butterfly's are always fun to photograph.

Dove on a branch.

Lizard! I haven't done lizards in a while.

Green Dragon

Lazy susan type of flower. From this angle it looks a great spot for a fairy house.

 Elby has grown!

My lettuce is coming along very nicely. (I do NOT want to talk about my tomatoes. There seems to be an 11th commandment, just for me, that states, "Thou shall not grow tomatoes!")

But the lettuce was delicious and quite flavorful.

How about another lizard?

Look at the bright red eye on this sandhill crane.

I'm really happy about this one. It almost looks photoshopped. 

This peckerwood has taken up residence in the abandoned owl hole. I'm pretty sure it was the same one that was harassing the owls before. Dude, you just got to wait your turn!

And yet another lizard. He looks prehistoric.

This is a Shrike and you can see he has a moustache.

Why do these birds like to stand way up high on top of a pine tree?

And lastly a couple of wood ducks came by for a short visit.

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