Second Spring

This is the time of year that I like to call Second Spring. While it's fall for most everyone else, it feels much like Spring for us. It's a time when the temperatures finally drop, we can open up the house and enjoy the cool breeze after having been cooped up in the air conditioning all summer.

The butterflies are everywhere. It's been a butterfly orgy.

Many interesting bugs. Here's a whole family, from Big Daddy all the way down to the littlest ones.

We found lots of snake skins in the flower beds. I think this guy lives there.

The hawks are out in numbers calling back and forth.

A pair of butterflies nicely lined up for me.

 We have many less water birds hanging around because now we have much less water. This is a green heron, or maybe it's a bittern.

 The mocking birds are out in force, noisy little fellows.

Still plenty of dragonflies, too.

The rainy season is over, the land has dried up and we are busy doing loads of yard work. That also means new planting. I had to literally tear apart many of our flower beds, weed them out trying to figure out what was weed and what was real plants. I added new flowers here and there, too.

So, we are enjoying much more time outdoors. 
(Where's Waldo? I think I know!)

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