Dry Land (Do spiders have knees?)

We're back to a bit of dry land, just enough that I've been out with my camera again.

This is a really nice time of year here in SW Florida. The temperatures have dropped, the rains have slacked off and there's a cool breeze making it a wonderful time to sit outdoors and enjoy the sights.

Like this dragon fly...

And a collection of clumpy clouds in the sky...

A butterfly and a leaf...
They're both a little chewed up.

This spider has feathers on his knees. Weird!
(Also, he has lots of knees...)

 The bright green ones are my favorite.

 Big old moon sitting out there in broad daylight.

Busy, busy, busy...

Beautiful eyes...

Anyone know what kind of plant this is? I "acquired" it somewhere, somehow and I've been wondering how it propagates: flowers, seeds, babies? It's a succulent of some sort.

AHA! Small flower like seeds. They look like tiny rosettes.

 Here they are with the frog. (That's how I found them, the frog showed them to me.)

 A little scissor action! Ha!

 Sun rays...

 The duck on the right has no HEAD?!


I think the rainy season is officially over. The only thing to worry about now is if we get hit by the rainy side of a hurricane. One more month.... otherwise we are drying up quite nicely. Mike was able to mow 90% of the yard, the back pond area being still under water. The big pond is all but an 'nth of being back in it's banks and of course it's still muddy, soggy in most places. We're getting there. Now I have to go to work to see what plants and trees are going to make it and discover all the new stuff that's been under water for the last 3 months. 

Have a great day!

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