A Hint of Spring - Updated

Here's more to add to my Spring post. I've managed to get up off my big ass and do a little more good old fashioned picture taking. (Again, I think the pictures look better if you click on them and scroll through.)

We had found this nest of Mocking Birds earlier and kept an eye on it. These two are almost ready to fly, they are actually sitting out of the nest on a branch.

Here's the rear view. (Chick butt) Mike made a comment about how they had no tail feathers yet. Hmm.......

Meanwhile, this squirrel thinks I can't see him.

Grackle on a fence post.

 I need to get back to my roots, taking pictures of birds at the feeder. This is a Mourning Dove seriously nomming out!

I think Mike was right. I found one of the Mocking Birds on the ground under the nest today.

Here he is just hanging out on a rock.

And now for something completely different. 

  He's flicking his tail at me!

This is Stubby. He is a baby pine tree. 

A couple of playful butterflies in the mud.

Your average Grackle at the feeder.

He gave up and decided to take a nap.

And one last shot of the baby Mocking bird who couldn't fly. I'll have to go check up on him here in a little bit. I don't want the hawk to get him.


Hopefully this is the last cold front for the year. I know everybody is ready for some Spring like weather. Here's a handful of photos to get you into the mood.