The Anatomy of a Slick Deal

I said I probably was not going to write about this because it would bore the average person right out their skull, but I do get a kick out of saving loads of money. As most of you know I am lucky enough not to have to have a full time job and work for a living. I do get bored sitting here by myself so I end up spending a good amount of time on my computer and surfing the net. A gal's got to do something and here is what I do.

It's called a slick deal and here I will try to describe to you what all that entails.
A slick deal consists of several of the following components:

  1. Product is on sale or clearance. That's pretty much a no-brainer, but it's an important first step.
  2. Coupons! There a wide variety and the trick is to use as many as you can in one transaction. 
    • Manufacturer coupons (such as 50 cents off toilet paper)
    • Store coupons (redeemable only at a certain store)
    • Competitor coupons (some stores will let use you other stores' coupons)
    • Percent off coupons (such as 20% of your entire order)
    • Dollars off coupons (such as $5 off of $25)
    • Catalina coupons (These are the ones that pop out of the machine at the register. Such as: buy 3 rolls of toilet paper and get 50 cents off your next order.)
    • Online Coupon codes. (Such as Free Shipping)
  3. Store Rewards Cards. These not only give you the sale price but many offer an extra bonus such as a percentage back each quarter or savings on gas and other things.
  4. Online rebate sites. Click through their link and they can offer you a rebate on your online purchase. They'll mail you check after you reach a certain threshold.
  5. Groupon type sites. Keep an eye on these. I recently puchased a $25 CVS gift card for only $10.
  6. Credit card cash back. In addition to the 1% most offer, usually they have promotions for 5% back in certain categories. It does add up.
Take several of these, stack 'em, mix 'em up, and you have yourself a slick deal. Here's an example of one my most recent deals. First, I will list all the things that I purchased and as you go through the list, add up in your head what you think the final price will be.

20 oz Diet Coke x2
Bumble Bee can tuna x4
24 pack bottled water x4
Puffs w/lotion 124 count x4
Charmin soft double roll 18 count
Bounty paper towels 12 count
Hershey's small candy
Nivea cherry lip care

This consists of 2 transactions at CVS. I stacked manufacturer coupons, percentage off coupon, sale prices, store card rewards, a rain check, and that groupon type deal I mentioned before. The total price I actually paid - $12.48!

And to be honest, I should have done better. At one point I took an entire year and kept track of the money I made from deals such as this. I will reiterate: I'm not speaking of money I saved, I'm talking about money I made! I know of people who would read this deal and laugh that I spent that much out of pocket, but to do that you have to really stay on top and do deals several times a week. I'm just not into it that much any more. I'm just trying to save us a few bucks here and there on things that we need everyday.

If you have read this far and want to learn more about the tricks of the trade, let me know. I can talk your ear off.  :-)

Now that I have officially bored you out of your skull, I will go back to posting pictures of animals and bugs and things.

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