Operation: Save the Tadpoles! Updated!!

We love our frogs, that's for sure. We have plenty of wallow spots left over from the rains and that is where the frogs have come to lay eggs. Mike spotted one spot with hundreds upon hundreds of tadpoles. Now this spot will dry up soon and leave them stranded. Also it's a sure thing that the water birds will have a feast here soon, too. So, we implemented Operation: Save the Tadpoles!

We went to work some with some simple tools: A child's butterfly net and a good old fashioned bucket.

 We scooped them out and put them in the bucket.

Actually that looks kind of disgusting.

Look at them tadpoles! Mike counted and said we collected 2,263 tadpoles, exactly....

Four of them lined up nicely for their picture.

We took them to the small back pond. It's a pretty shallow pond with lots of grass cover, so they should be quite happy there.

Mike dumping them out and Dusty supervising, as usual.

Hopefully they will all spread out and get under some cover before the birds find them. They have a much better chance here than where they were.

C'mon little fellar. Grow up to be a big strong (loud) frog!



Okay, so these are not the same frogs from out tadpole saving adventure, but for all we know they may be the mommas and the poppas.

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