Fayetteville Ska Alliance

Attention everyone! 

This is a wonderful cause for anyone who likes puppies, kittens, and Christmas music. 

Listen to their first song here!
Deck The Halls
Fayetteville Ska Alliance

The Fayetteville Ska Alliance (FSA)  is made up of members of the Fayetteville Arkansas music scene.  They are less of a band than a conglomeration of ska fans who have come together to record music collectively. They are in the process of recording a ska CD full of Christmas cheer.  The full length album will include a mix of traditional Christmas carols along with a few new ones.  One hundred percent of CD sales will be donated directly to Spay Arkansas, which operates the NWA Spay and Neuter Clinic.

Why should you donate?

Let's look at all the perks. Here is what you get!

$10 Chihuahua - We will email you a link for the digital download of our album and we mail you the official Fayetteville Ska Alliance Christmas CD.
$25 Beagle – You’ll get the digital download and the physical CD, plus you will be listed in the “Special Thanks” area of the CD and the website.   You can be forever immortalized as a fan of good music and an advocate of animal welfare.
$50 Pitbull – Along with the CD, the digital downloads, and the special recognition we will hook you up with CD’s from two of Fayetteville’s finest ska bands: Six Hung Sprung and Hustles The Hall.  That’s the Fayetteville Ska two-pack!
$100 Great Dane - You will be listed in the “Special Thanks” area of the CD, get a digital download of the CD, get the official Fayetteville Ska Alliance Christmas CD, and we will send you the Fayetteville Ska two-pack.  To top it off, we will send you an official Spay Arkansas T-shirt.
$500 Irish Wolfhound - For a $500 contribution we will put your logo on our CD along with our other major contributors.  This is a great option for businesses to show that they love cute pets and good music.  We can include the logo for the organization of your choice if you aren’t officially representing them.  We will also include all of the other goodies.
$1,000 Alpha Dog - For $1,000 you get to gather all of the $500 donors in a room and laugh at them.  Alright, so we’re not going to do that, but you can get them all in a room together and we’ll play our music for them.  Consider it a personal show or we’ll book it at a music venue and make it public; it’s your call, so long as its in the Northwest Arkansas area.  Suffice it to say, it’s going to be a good time.  This is for those of you with nothing to prove, but the money and the desire to do so.

So, click on the Widget and donate today!!

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(And, yes, that is my son Chris in the video.)

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