Another Day on the Boat

I didn't take many pictures this time but I wanted to blog it anyway just to have it for all down for future reference.

 Here we go right out of the marina. Captain Mikey at your service!

He's smiling here. You notice those sunglasses and that shirt he's wearing. Yeah, well, before the end of the day he had managed to lose both!

We started off pretty well. Went straight under the Sanibel Causeway to some small islands. We snagged lots of little catfish, several mangrove snappers, a pinfish and of course that big Red Drum. The snappers had to be 10 inches to keep and all but one were only 9.

The weather started getting rough,
The tiny ship was tossed.

So we found a little cove-let in the mangroves and tied up until it passed. Did some fishing in the rain.

And just as it was letting up we had two dolphins swim right past us not ten feet away. They were rounding up fish and splashing away. 

Here's the Red Drum. It's one of those slot fish which means you can only keep them if they're not too big and not too small. Well, I can tell you this one was just about right!

We pulled into the bay just before we got back to the marina and attempted a bit more last minute fishing. (More small catfish) Just as I was casting a dolphin came up out the water right in front of me. I mean right in front of me! In fact I was halfway through the motion and ended up casting right over him. That was COOL!

So we are home and sunburnt and tired and stinky. I snapped one more picture of the Century Plants. This is week 9 since we first noticed them and a full month since they have stopped growing so much upwards and more outwards. When will I see flowers?
We also have a tropical storm blowing through the area the next few days. I hope the masts will hold up in the wind.

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