Scrat House

Another wood-built paint project at Low Roller Acres...

This is the Scrat House. Okay it's a squirrel house and we're hoping to get a whole family inside.

Dusty agrees. She's waiting expectantly for a squirrel to come down out of a tree. She is very patient.

Oh my! More Paint! When will I run out? The answer is:
The local Ace Hardware store was offering up an entire pint of custom color samples for only $1.99 each. Of course I took advantage. That little pint goes a LONG way at my house!

Mike had an idea, a vision, and he went to work building from the scraps of an older abandoned project.
At this point I didn't know what he had in mind.


Meanwhile, since it was such a beautiful Florida day, I went wandering around looking for something photogenic.

Aw, I found this dead butterfly lying on the ground, BUT
as soon as I took this picture he flew away!

A giant yellow hibiscus blooming in the sky.

Mike has completed his project. It's a squirrel house! With windows!
He had taken apart an old window bird feeder I had and used them here.

Look inside, it's a split level house.
Now it's my turn.

Now while I was painting Mike borrowed the neighbors Mustang to do a little dirt work. He came riding home with Dusty in the bucket. He said she just jumped right in. I guess she truly is a farm dog!

So Mike got busy (having the time of his life) moving dirt. We've had this dump truck load of  black sand sitting here for a long time. It's been there so long it's covered in weeds.

There it is. Much better. 

And now I have finished painting the...

We mounted on an old tree stob.
The squirrels can enter from below.

You can see their window view from here.

And I found this poor beat up rusted yard ornament. Hm... I have more...wait for it...

Much, much better!

And there it is next to the bushes, just waiting for someone to call it home.

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