Kansas City

I decided it was time I went to see Chris at his home in Kansas City. Booked the airline, rented the car, and spent 5 days with him and Steph. 

First night there we were getting ready to go to a KC Royals game and what do I find?
Mom's Diet Coke!

As we were pulling into the lot at the game this lady in the next car over is waving at us like crazy. She says, "Would you like a Premium Parking Pass?" Yes, we would! So they waved us through all the rest of the cattle and parked us right up front. Here we are enjoying some Premium Parking tailgating with all the high dollar season ticket holders. Sweet! 

Chris, me, Matt, and Steph...

I went to two of Chris' baseball games. The first game they lost but for this team it's kind of expected. Chris plays in a senior baseball league in Kansas City and some of the teams he plays against are filled with guys who have played college ball or even semi pro. Chris' team is a first year team so they don't win a whole lot. The score was 17-14 which was still a lot of fun being it was their highest scoring game all year.

And this kid cracks me up!

Nice fielding from shortstop...

Here's the team, or at least those that were able to show up on time.
 The Kansas City Knights.

The second game was awesome. The Knights won 7-6 with Chris hitting the walk off run!

We also went to the KC Zoo. It's a big place and think we saw it all.

Chris and Steph surviving a crazed polar bear attack.... lol!

The meerkats were very photogenic.

The Kangaroos were loose on the paths but very shy. She has a joey in her pouch.

One of my best shots from the zoo trip. Pretty bird!

And, as you know I took about a million pictures so if you want to see more click below! This is my facebook album about the trip.

Debbie's FB photo album

And I even took many more KC Knights baseball pictures that, thankfully, Chris edited and put up in one of his facebook albums.

Chris' KC Knights FB Album

Edit: Chris' FB album may not be viewable to everybody. Try here instead.

Chris' Pictures

Two other things:

1. Chris took me to the wildlife rehabilitation place that he volunteers for. That day we took in a baby possum, a baby mourning dove, and a baby flicker which I got to feed mealworms.

2. Steph took me to a yoga class and I had no idea what to expect. The idea is to twist yourself into the most awkward, uncomfortable, retarded position you can think of, hold that for a very long time, and breath really heavy. It was.... different.

It was a long exhausting week, especially for this girl who rarely ever gets out of the house. I'm glad to be home.

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