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 I finally got my brand new super zoom camera! It's a Sony DSCH400 with 20 megapixels and a whopping 63x zoom. This first batch of pictures has solely been a learning exercise. Some great successes and several failures. (Well, actually, a LOT of failures but I have this handy delete button and move on.)

 Daytime moon....
Kind of fuzzy, I'll work on that. 

 Night time half moon.

Day time half moon.

Casual quick snap of a dragonfly and his reflection. In fact this camera is quite snappy... a lot quicker to focus than the last.

I can get closer from further away... if that makes any sense.

And out of the blue we have a gator in the pond.

Wait, here's another and he's tiny!

On to flowers... This is a tiny grass flower, zoomed and cropped.

My gardenia is blooming.


Now for the cream of my photography world, birds.
This is a Red Bellied Woodpecker.

A rare opportunity, Pileated Woodpeckers. There were actually 3 all together and I'm guessing it was mom, dad, and the new baby out for a first lesson. I was so excited to see them, my pictures are less focused than I would like. Still learning.

This kite teases me. He will swoop low over my head only when I don't have the camera in hand! I'm going to get a good one of him yet!

A nice skinny mockingbird.

Edit: There's a reason this mockingbird is so skinny... it's actually a Loggerhead Shrike.

I managed to get a shot of this Yellow Shafted Flicker through the trees. (I look these things up, you know.)

Here he is again.

This is a pretty Blue Jay.

He's fluffy.

Close in on a grackle.

I didn't edit this one at all.
(Again, it's a Loggerhead Shrike.)

Bright red cardinal

And a blue jay again at the feeder.

I sat down and took a break while Dusty went crazy after a gopher or something.

Silly Puppy!

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