Mike is the Turtleman!

Mike came in from a walk with Dusty and asked me if I wanted to get some good pictures of a huge snapping turtle. Sure enough, there he was in the back pond just hanging out.

Mike decides he wants to catch that turtle. Mmmm, okay.

So, he creeps into the water.

Dusty is there for the assist. 

Heeeeere turtle, turtle, turtle!

What you don't see right about now is when this huge snapper decided to turn on him and made a go at his precious bare toes. He came flying out of the water!

Mike decides the logical thing to do is to poke it with a stick.

He manages to get the turtle turned around and headed in the right direction.

Poke, poke, poke. You got to make sure which end you are grabbing!

Got him!

 The thing is huge. Look at the size of his head!

Mike is now officially the Turtleman!

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