A day in the Life

It's been a rough start to 2012.

Mike gets only one day off per week so we try to make the best of it and get everything done and out of the way so he can relax and putz around the yard, whatever. We spent most of the morning running around town taking care of the important stuff. You see we just bought a brand new car for Christmas, and a few weeks later we picked up a second used vehicle for me. We went to the insurance company, we went to the DMV, we even opened up a brand new checking account in town. After we got all of this out of the way Mike and I started cleaning up our brand new used car. Makes a nice beach car.

Next thing you know Mike is yelling NO, NO at Dusty. She ACTUALLY caught one of the squirrels and proceeded to fling it aroung like a doll. Yes, she killed it before we could get to her. First Blood.

And guess what has decided to make a home in our brand new new car?

Honestly, this was a good day for us in 2012!

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